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HCamping Safaris

Camping Safaris are designed for those in search for a real adventure who enjoy the unpredictable wilderness. In safaris you are expected to help with the camp chores and setting up of tents. Your meal will be prepared by our expert safari cooks over charcoal / gas or wood fires.


Those who join are from all walks of life and nationalities usually between 15 and 50 years of age however is not a criteria, all that needed is a sense of humor and a willingness to participate and a spirit of adventure. Though we have sleeping bags for hire to any one who does not have his or her own, we advise our dear clients to carry their own. We can accept your booking minimum of 2 persons as we donít offer single bookings on this kind of safari.


†† Prices depend on no. of Members

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H12 days Camping Safaris in Tsavo East


H2†† 2 days Camping Safariin Tsavo West


H3†† 3 days Camping Safari imp Tsavo East and West


H4†† 4 days Tsavo East, West†† und Amboseli Camping Safari


H5†† 5 days Tsavo East, Westund Amboseli Camping Safari


H6†† 7 days Amboseli, LakeNakuru und Masai Mara Camping Safari