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In a world of diminishing natural environments, Africa remains one of the few continents that still offer wide, open spaces, wild spectacular grandeur sunsets, animals living as a nature intended and colourful friendly people with their age old customs displayed proudly in a parody of past events in a tribal folklore.

This site is just a “snack” ... Monika Tours & Safaris guarantees a prelude to the feast which will last you a lifetime. You will be a part of a unique world for brief period in the passage of time.

Every visitor to East Africa lends a hand in preserving this precious wonderland for future generations to enjoy.

No longer is Africa labelled “the Dark Continent”. It is a “shining” land with the brightest future.

We invite you to utilize our expertise in planning safaris and experience the exhilaration of an African adventure in Kenya, Uganda and Tansania.


East Africa is a place so remarkable it stands out even on a continent unparalleled  for the richness of its wildlife, landscape and culture. East Africa  lies across the equator with Kenya and Tanzania covering most of the territory. The landscape across these three countries is extraordinary in its variety - vast grassy plateaux, wild ruffled savannah plains, hot arid deserts, ice capped mountains, palm-fingered beaches, rain forests, extinct volcanoes, freshwater and soda lakes, raging rivers and the spectacular Great Rift Valley slashed through the middle. With this variety of terrains comes a plethora of wild animals and birds unmatched anywhere else in Africa.