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The buffalo, a member of the `big five` and the strongest beast in the wild whos rage surpasses them all. Even without defensive armour like the counter parts, the lion and the leopard, this savage beast dares them all and will always fight to the bitter end...

An honour of strenght ability, determinatiion, devotion and endurance, with which if transformed into care, hospitality, patience and tenderness all of

which Monika Tours & Safaris stands for, translates into the offer of the best aspired for holiday, bliss felt with comfort, colour and glamour.

Holiday is no holiday without Monika Tours & Safaris.
Thanks for choosing Kenya as your holiday and safari desitination, specially Monika Tours & Safaris ready to meet your interests directly for a better holiday.



This word does not exist for us!
Wether long range safaris throughout EasT Africa, on air or by car
or one day trips in the environs of your holiday residence
or any other tourist related service
 let Uis fullfill your African dreams wiht all our experience and dedication.

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If our clients are satisfied 100 % - it are only 50 % for us! 


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Road & air safaris in East Africa,                                        

domestic flight booking and reconfirmation (East  Aafrica),
mountain climbing expeditions (Mt. Kilimanjaro & Mt. Kenya),
fishing expeditions (Pemba Channel & Lake Victoria),
airport transfers,
hotel- lodge- private villas- and cottages booking,
car-, motorcycle-, quad- and bicycle hire,
legal advice, land- and estate services,
computer internet- & all other tourist related services.                                                                                                                                                                               
           Our travel catalogue
is a summary of the most reqested and promising safari routes in Kenya as well as one day trips in the coastal area.
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